My Friends Business Buying Old Cars in Ottawa.

Hey guys it’s been a while since I wrote here. I went down to mexico. Drank tequila and just general enjoyed the SH%$ out myself for a good three week. I went down there with my good friend Matt from Junk Car Ottawa. He opened up shop a while ago and has been crushing it. Who woulda thought, another retired guy like me starting a business in Canada alter in life and finding successs! Maybe I should do the same and start something like this.

So here’s how it works. Essentially they put ads out looking for cars.  simple stuff like “CALL TO SELL YOUR CAR FOR CASH (613) 777-7236” Real blatant ads that seam to work. Turn out they really work. More and more cars keep coming in each month he told me to the point where they don’t even offr towing anymore. the big problem is that the prices they are willing to pay is 100% reliant on the current prices offered for scrap metal. If metal goes down, they lose out. Which is kinda risky. Unless of course you’re retired like me. I wouldn’t recommend doing something like this as your main business. Could be rough if the prices go down one day. Butmatt-when-he-was-heavier hey Matt’s been eating healthy, I mean real healthy for a good 50 years haha. Here he is i
n best form. Just stepping out from one of his amateur car races probably a few decades ago ready to go down and crush some beers. Good times, from what I remember. Wouldn’t put it past him to have had a few in the race car either! But really, if you’re out in Ottawa and need to choose between a few different shops. This is your guy given them a shout for sure and teller Earl sent ya. He sent me this pic, which was pretty cool. They have a big car crusher out there that’ll compact these things down to a few cubic feet. A sad end to the lifecycle of the 100,000’s of cars that hit our streets in Canada and eventually become useless. Where’s tesla with the time travel already!

I doubt they get many BMW’s coming through likely a ton of older run of the mill cars. Fords, GM’s that kind of thing. Old wreck that might as well be crushed down or used for parts. Better off investing in a new car then dealing with the ongoing expense of mechanics and parts. It can get pretty pricey. In my day, I’m guilty of this for sure. There’s about a good 5 cars I’ve owned and kept to the bitter end wasting days of my time trying to fix. Stupid move. But hey you learn these thing in time and I’m pretty stubborn my grandkids say.

PS. Don’t be this neighbour!


The importance of Establishing a Baseline Audit Before Perfoming Contracting Work

Electrical inspections services

There are 2 sorts of power audits you could select. Preferably, you need to select both. The very first one is easy due to the fact that there are calculators offered, both online and also offline, and also you could do it by yourself. It is advised that you obtain an electrical contractor for both kinds of power audit. In addition, this is a good time to have the building prepped to get get everything done at ounce. You may want to have a leak inspection completed and spray for insects. The ideal time for spraying for pest is sometime when you plan on being out of the house for a few days. If you’re in southern ontario, the best package I’ve used for structures I do work on are my friends at pest control brampton.

From the regularity of utilizing your dishwashing machine and also if you have actually packed it efficiently to the type of lights you make use of, for how long you maintain your refrigerator door available to the sort of automation you have, whatever will certainly drop in the ambit of examination done by Electricians throughout a power audit.

Be it a house or a workplace, a one tale business area or a huge structure, having a power audit done is important. You have to be aggressive and also work with an electrical contractor to perform a complete examination of your office or home to recognize precisely just how you are taking in the power that you are spending for. It is rather feasible that you are losing a little bit or a great deal of your power, purposely or unwittingly.

The 2nd power audit entails seeking numerous tricks that would certainly show wastefulness of power. This will certainly need a comprehensive assessment by an electrical expert, as well as an in-depth appointment with you. The examination might reveal that you have actually connected lots of tools and also they get on standby yet you are not utilizing them. Home appliances could be addicted and also powered yet not being used. The stove, the air conditioning system as well as heating unit as well as a number of various other devices could remain in usage at greater setups compared to required. You could be squandering excessive power on your hot water heater. You could wish to time the home heating effectively so you reach take advantage of the hot water heater while the water is being heated up, so it does not cool off. You might also determine to alter a couple of devices if they are old, obsolete, malfunctioning, eating excessive power or if your demands have actually altered as well as they are no more suitable.

The very first power audit would certainly include recognizing just how you are utilizing the power that you are taking in. As an example, there could be a microwave, a heating unit, a/c unit, a washering, numerous lights, tv, computer systems, battery chargers, blender or food processors and also a variety of various other electric as well as digital tools that obtain made use of everyday in your house or service. You should make use of the electrical power of every gadget as well as for how long you utilize them together with the per-unit expense of power to understand exactly how you are utilizing the power being eaten at your office or home monthly. This is a very easy workout to search for a means if you could conserve some cash by lowering utilizing specific devices. The the very least and also most trivial advantage to doing this is that you would certainly be familiar with the nuts and bolts of your power intake.

Potential Vacation Destinations for Your Retiremen


I’ve been doing a lot of relaxing and hanging out around my home since I retired, but I’ve also had the opportunity to do a fair bit of travelling. I recommend you go see as much of the world as you can before it’s too late.

Retired life is an awaited part of our lives. We prepare for it years before it happens. Exactly what should we do when we reach this time? Some would opt to invest their years taking part in pastimes or civic tasks, or simply merely taking pleasure in life. Others though would prefer to spend a long time travelling.

For some, it should merely be one once-in-a-lifetime retired life getaway. Whatever it is, visit the very best places to travel when you retire. Look into first the safety and security status of these places. Request pamphlets from travel agencies so you can plan your trip. In some cases, first-hand getaway stories from family and friends could aid you to pick your travel places. If possible, integrate leisure and academic traveling together so you will have a wider encounter. Gain from the people and also the society of the locations you see.

If you are from Canada, you might want to travel to the sunny part of Asia. It is a completely various society available yet still with the full comfort of modern technology. If you enjoy purchasing souvenirs, try Bangkok where you can have shopping galore day and night. Take pleasure in the night market with the remainder of the group. The coastlines are also inviting, and the unique plants are plentiful.

After that, there’s the Philippines. It is a vibrant as well as lively country with distinctive visitor locations. Comprised of 7, 101 islands, the culture varies from island to island and is enlivened by its various religious celebrations. Appreciate the well-known diving areas and also the white sands of the coastlines.

If you haven’t travelled at all outside of Canada, go and take a trip to the snowy areas, or even bright areas, of the U.S.A as well as Europe. We have listened to so much about America. During retired life, visit it as well as see exactly what make it a world power. Visit Sin city or Hollywood!

You could additionally attempt the warm state of Hawaii as well as be caught in its culture of fun, with the hula girls and the poi. Have a first-hand experience of being close to the opposite of nature with the volcanoes as well as you can really come near them! These are merely a few of the very best places to take a trip when you retire and also there’s even more in the world to discover. Take your time intending your schedule to make certain you make the most amazing from your retired life journey.

Too many people I know spend too much time planning to travel “one day”. Don’t wait, go book your vacation now!

Interesting Video About How Electricity Works

I worked on the front lines of the electricity industry in Alberta for over 40 years, so I think it’s safe to call me an “expert”. You can’t explain the ins and outs of electricity in a short video, but I came across this video on Youtube that I thought was pretty good…

I never heard of this Bill Nye guy before, but it turns out he has quite a few scientific videos online. He can be a little bit annoying, but he has good information.

Thoughts on Retirement

retirement tips

I’ve been retired for a couple years now and more and more of my friends have been joining me. So, I figured I’d offer some thoughts on my experiences with retirement.

A lot of them functioning people imagine retirement with terrific visions of being on permanent holiday, sleeping late on a daily basis, as well as traveling. Sure, there is some of that, but here are also challenges to being retired.

The psychological element of leaving the labor force can be jarring as lots of new senior citizens have a bumpy ride feeling about being productive with their new-found free time.

Retire TO something you are passionate concerning, rather than relinquishing work. People who retire to something they are delighted about seem to be the happiest in retirement, and also have the ability to make the most convenient change into retirement. Those who retire from work without a game plan, an interest, hobbies, etc. typically have a difficult time emotionally as well as psychologically making the change. What are you passionate about beyond your job?

Continuously function and even broaden your passions for as lengthy as feasible. Working part-time, household assistance and/or volunteering could continue to give purpose and even significance for your life. Retired life ought to not be driven by age however by a desire to do another thing with the rest of your life.

Take care of your wellness. Maintain movement and even try to improve your fitness. Handle your wellness in a daily and also disciplined manner as long as you manage your financial resources.

Establish a solid network of loved ones. Mature brand-new social connections. “Invest” in your loved ones. Having strong social links is a vital element of a happy and healthy retirement for most people. Do not let financial or tax obligation considerations control your choices or obstruct of keeping your social/family network strong. When you retire you will certainly not miss out on the job as much as you will certainly miss the people as well as the partnerships.

Overall, I am very much enjoying retirement. I certainly do miss a lot of things about work life, but I am also realistically and know life moves on.