Hey guys it’s been a while since I wrote here. I went down to mexico. Drank tequila and just general enjoyed the SH%$ out myself for a good three week. I went down there with my good friend Matt from Junk Car Ottawa. He opened up shop a while ago and has been crushing it. Who woulda thought, another retired guy like me starting a business in Canada alter in life and finding successs! Maybe I should do the same and start something like this.

So here’s how it works. Essentially they put ads out looking for cars. ¬†simple stuff like “CALL TO SELL YOUR CAR FOR CASH¬†(613) 777-7236” Real blatant ads that seam to work. Turn out they really work. More and more cars keep coming in each month he told me to the point where they don’t even offr towing anymore. the big problem is that the prices they are willing to pay is 100% reliant on the current prices offered for scrap metal. If metal goes down, they lose out. Which is kinda risky. Unless of course you’re retired like me. I wouldn’t recommend doing something like this as your main business. Could be rough if the prices go down one day. Butmatt-when-he-was-heavier hey Matt’s been eating healthy, I mean real healthy for a good 50 years haha. Here he is i
n best form. Just stepping out from one of his amateur car races probably a few decades ago ready to go down and crush some beers. Good times, from what I remember. Wouldn’t put it past him to have had a few in the race car either! But really, if you’re out in Ottawa and need to choose between a few different shops. This is your guy given them a shout for sure and teller Earl sent ya. He sent me this pic, which was pretty cool. They have a big car crusher out there that’ll compact these things down to a few cubic feet. A sad end to the lifecycle of the 100,000’s of cars that hit our streets in Canada and eventually become useless. Where’s tesla with the time travel already!

I doubt they get many BMW’s coming through likely a ton of older run of the mill cars. Fords, GM’s that kind of thing. Old wreck that might as well be crushed down or used for parts. Better off investing in a new car then dealing with the ongoing expense of mechanics and parts. It can get pretty pricey. In my day, I’m guilty of this for sure. There’s about a good 5 cars I’ve owned and kept to the bitter end wasting days of my time trying to fix. Stupid move. But hey you learn these thing in time and I’m pretty stubborn my grandkids say.

PS. Don’t be this neighbour!